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In our long lasting Work in the OpenSource sector, we acquired special skills in different projects and environments. We want to higlight these skills here:

  • Experience in communication provider projects, > 2 Mio user
    • High availability for OpenLDAP on BDB with DRBD with more than 20 million users, mass provisioning
    • Administration of more than 1000 computers using web services
    • Real time processing of billing records
  • Software development in the Linux kernel 2.4 and 2.6
    • Debugging and development in the kernel environment
    • Driver development for Dolphin D/DX-Interfaces
    • High speed protocolls, e.g. Dolphin Supersockets
  • High availability on Linux
    • heartbeat 1/2
    • Linux based loadbalancer
    • DRBD and GFS filesystems
  • VoIP
    • SIP Programming
    • Test of different user equipments and clients
    • Implementation of SIP services (e.g. MWI, SMS-Send)
  • Database optimization
    • Optimization of the DB, access analysis (Indexing)
    • Query optimization
  • Adaption of OpenSource products in their source code
    • OpenSER
    • ipppd
    • FreeRadius
  • Special purpose database software Cumulus
    • Module development
    • customized adaptions
  • Archiving software Presstore
    • Connection to customer specific software
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