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Of course our own website is based on our content management system. This way the content and actual news can be added, edited and removed fast and comfortable.
foobar GmbH
Bernsdorfer Straße 210-212
09126 Chemnitz

Fabrication and distributing of high quality Ni-Cd batteries is the business segment of the GAZ GmbH from Zwickau, Germany.
Just as important was the demand for a easy to use content management system for their web presence, that was set up using our know-how.
The specialty here was the integration of a battery calculation tool into the website.
GAZ Geräte- und Akkumulatorenwerk Zwickau GmbH
Reichenbacher Strasse 62-68
08056 Zwickau

It was important for the company Profiltechnik Söll to get flexibility with regard to extensibility of the website to other languages.
Our System handles this feature perfectly and became the base of the comapny's homepage.
Even the integration of a russian version with the related cyrillic character set was no problem for the foobarCMS.
Profiltechnik Söll GmbH
Selbitzer Straße 11
07952 Pausa

The company Reifen Pempel GmbH from Kirchberg, Germany uses foobarCMS, because they were looking for a system that was easy to use for managing the content of the company's homepage.
A member of their staff, provided with editorial privileges, is allowed to take care for the company's offers alternating at a fast rate.
Reifen Pempel GmbH
Hinter dem Bahnhof 1
08107 Kirchberg

The ERLOS GmbH utilises innovative and new technologies for recovering synthetic materials when recycling automobiles.
To handle this topic effective and professional, ERLOS GmbH relies on the foobarCMS.
Reichenbacher Strasse 67
08056 Zwickau

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