Embedded Systems

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We developp individual firmware for embedded systems. Here are some examples.

Industry, Biogas manufacturing

Project description:

Development of control firmware for an embedded system for monitoring of biogas generation facilities.


Embedded Linux, PowerPC (Freescale MPC5200), CAN bus

Project content:
  • Selection of a proper Embedded Linux Distribution
  • Evaluation of various CAN drivers and libraries
  • Connection of sensors via CAN bus
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Library development, Aerospace/Defence

Project description:

Design and development of a high-speed communication library.


Embedded PowerPC, x86, VxWorks, WindowsNT Embedded, C++

Project content:
  • Communication interface for data transmission over SCI in a wideband data recording system for a military airborne application.
  • Object orientated programming interface for channel oriented communication based on SISCI API
  • Robust, fault-tolerant implementation for mission-critical applications
Enertec S.A.

Web: www.enertec-us.com
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