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The Situation

without Faxserver Lars:
with Faxserver Lars:


Electronical Fax Transmission

  • sending texts fast and easily through web interface
  • send Postscript-, PDF- or TIFF-Documents directly or as attachment
  • sending directly from applications, e.g. Office
  • send pre-configured forms
  • appoint send time
  • automatic repetition on errors

Electronic Fax Receiving

  • easy access to received faxes through a web interface
  • automatic distribution of received faxes by mapping fax numbers to receivers
  • Fax-2-Mail Gateway, receive faxes elektronic per e-mail
  • secretariat function: view faxes at a central point and distribute them

Address Book

  • manage companies and their contact persons
  • global and user specific addresses
  • configurable import of addresses (CSV)


  • archive faxes in a SQL-Database system (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • easy access through folders ordered by date
  • efficient search function: search for date, keywords or sender number

Technical Info

Connection: Modem or ISDN (CAPI 2.0)
Server: Linux (RedHat, S.u.S.E., Debian ...)
Client: established WWW-Browser (Mozilla, Explorer, Opera ...)
Integration: popular applications (e.g. Office) in Linux/Unix and Windows
Archive: SQL-Database (MySQL, PostgreSQL...)
User management: integrated user management, user-user mapping, user-fax number mapping
Formats: faxes in Postscript, PDF and TIFF, Templates in LATEX


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