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Know-How on system management

Software development for complex solutions is closely linked to installation and configuration of hardware, operating system and of components used, such as databases or network services. We prefer working with OpenSource products and, of course, we are able to configure them in a professinal fashion.
Following wir list only a few important products and services:

  • Operating system Linux (Debian, RedHat, CentOS, SuSE)
    • Installation: fai, jumpstart, kickstart, cfengine
    • Monitoring: Nagios, BigBrother
  • Operating system Solaris
  • Databases
    • Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL
    • OpenLDAP / BDB
    • Radius / File
  • Network
    • Base: Ethernet, TCP/IP, PPP, SCI
    • Web: Apache1/2, Tomcat, Resin
    • Security: iptables, snort, Kerberos, VPN (OpenVPN), SSL
    • Mail: SMTP (QMAIL, Postfix), POP/IMAP (Courier, Dovecot)
    • File services: Samba, NFS, AFS, DRBD, GFS
  • VoIP services
    • OpenSER
    • Asterisk
    • Fax (hylafax, ISDN-CAPI)
  • High Availability
    • heartbeat1/2
    • DRBD with heartbeat
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