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Know How in Programming languages

In our projects we use established programming and scripting languages, development tools and version control systems from the Linux respectily UNIX environment.
We already refered to our staff members favourite languages. Now here is the complete list:

High level languages

  • C++, STL-Library, Visual C++
    • ISDN CAPI programming for Linux
    • SOAP communication framework (e.g. gSOAP)
    • TCP/IP and Unix Domain Socket
    • foobar's own library for abstraction of network communication and database access and several tools for simplifying daily development duties
  • C
    • Customization of COURIER-IMAP, -POP and QMAIL
    • LDAP-Modul for the OPENSER-SIP Server
    • SOAP communication framework (z.B. gSOAP)
    • TCP/IP and Unix Domain Socket
    • Apache Module
  • Visual Basic on Windows 2000, XP
  • Java, JBuilder
    • Servlet interface
    • SOAP
    • Swing GUI
Scripting languages
  • JavaScript, Ajax
    • Update of menus and select boxes in web applications using Ajax
    • Hoover buttons
  • PHP and different libraries
    • foobar's own framework
    • DB connectors (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle)
    • PDF generating on Linux
    • Graphics with PHP (GIF, JPEG)
    • LDAP, PAM, NIS - connection of applications
  • Python
    • DB connectors (PostgreSQL)
    • connectors to OpenLDAP, SOAP
    • TCP/IP and Unix Domain Socket
  • Perl
    • XSLT framework
    • SOAP client/server
  • Shell (bash)
  • SQL
    • PL/SQL for Oracle
    • DB scripts for MySQL and PostgreSQL
    • Trigger functions for Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • TeX, LaTeX: Templates, Documentation, PDF generating
Development tools and version management systems
  • CVS
  • SVN
  • CodeWarrior
  • Makefile
  • Eclipse
  • emacs, xemacs, vi
  • Bugzilla, Mantis
  • Rational Rose
  • gdb, valgrind
  • JavaDoc, doxygen
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