Faxserver Lars

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Reference customers of our Faxserver Lars

  • Faxserver Lars ISDN
  • ca. 250 users
  • special: faxit for Unix-System SGI Irix
Autoentwicklungsring Sachsen GmbH
Crimmitschauer Straße 59
08058 Zwickau

Web: www.fes-aes.de
  • Faxserver Lars Modem
  • ca. 100 users
  • different Windows clients
  • special: Connection to the inventory management system by the customer
Willbrandt Gummitechnik ApS
Finlandsgade 29
DK-4690 Haslev

Web: www.willbrandt.dk
  • Faxserver Lars ISDN
  • ca. 100 users
  • different clients
  • special: Customisation for usage as a service for different companies
  • speziell: AVM C4 adapter with 4 ISDN channels
Technologie Centrum Chemnitz GmbH
Annaberger Straße 240
09125 Chemnitz

Web: www.tcc-chemnitz.de
  • Faxserver Lars ISDN
Berliner Strasse 31-35
65760 Eschborn

Web: www.seafrance.com
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