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We are experts and like to support you with our knowledge, without irritating you with too much computer mumbo-jumbo. For this we are prepared by many years of project work and customer support.


Our specific strengths are in software development in different environments, specifically in the Unix area; all the way from operating system kernel up to the application layer. 

We are fluent in multiple programming languages, are used to deal with many communication protocols and recurse to years of experience from our work in diverse scientific and commercial projects. 

We prefer to work with OpenSource software, as we have many years of good experience with it. As the source code is available, you not only get low cost support by a giant community, but you are also safe from a too tight reliance on a single vendor -- giving you a high safety of your investments.


Diversification and specialisation are continuing to increase in the IT sector, so that many projects can not be realised without the help of experts in the field anymore. 

We are experts, and you can not only rely on our competency, but also profit from our experiences from working in a multitude of projects and teams. 

Among these projects is the realisation of a large Unified Messaging System using OpenSource software and the specification and development of a big VoIP platform for a internet service provider (refer to Projects).

We work from our headquarters in Chemnitz, but also on site throughout Germany, Europe, and potentially also world-wide.

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Software Development

Every business has their own processes and procedures. These specific processes define the success of the company. It is hard to model these processes with standard software products. Individual software applications give a much higher flexibility. 

We develop your individual software.

Following our long standing experience in software projects, we will recommend OpenSource components, that we select in accordance with you. These components along with the Linux operating system are a solid and cost efficient platform for a fast realisation of your requirements. 

We primarily create OpenSource software, as this gives full transparency to our customers and is also a good prerequisite for quality control. Additionally, having the source code in hand allows you to continue to change and maintain the software after we finished the project. 

As we have seen OpenSource software in so many different projects and products, we have increased our knowledge steadily. This experience is a cornerstone of our work for you.

Examples of our work you can find at Projects.

Classes / Training

Success through Individuality

Todays professional life revolves around solving very specific problems. A pre-cut training for large groups often only can teach a part of the knowledge needed. Therefore, our traninings are usually in small groups and prepared specifically to your needs. 


Success through Experience

Our lecturers have many years of practical experience in multiple development projects. This practical experience gives them the knowledge base for practical hints and tips our lecturers can provide to you. 


Success through Flexibility

Flexibility is our strength, also with training. The classes are taking place either in our own training rooms or directly on site at your business. On request we also offer you a lecturer for your own classes. 

Selected classes and trainings you find at Projects.